About me

 I qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist 9 years ago. Since then, I have received an Advanced Diploma in Relational Centered Counselling. I am also accredited with the UKCP- the UKs leading professional body in psycho therapeutic counselling and psychotherapy. I am fully insured and undertake supervision on a regular basis.


    Relational counsellors are trained to work at emotional depth with clients, therefore as part of my counselling training I was required to undertake a large amount of my own personal therapy and development, and continue to do so on a regular basis. I feel it is integral to my work that I remain committed to exploration of my own therapeutic process.


    In addition to this, I have received further counselling training and experience working within an agency supporting clients who have experienced sexual abuse, rape and trauma such as domestic violence. I am also a qualified mindfulness practitioner.


    While I am able to and have experience in working with a wide range of issues, I have a particular interest in working with women and their partners who have experienced difficulties around pregnancy and birth such as birth trauma, miscarriage, infertility, ante and postnatal depression.

How I Work

    I work with clients on a 1-1 basis, each session lasting 50 minutes. I work using a Relational Centered Approach. I aim to be genuine, non-judgmental and emphatic in the way that I work with you. I aim to create a place for you to feel secure and supported, to help you resolve whatever difficulties in your life you may be experiencing. If appropriate, we might think about the connection between present feelings and past events.

 I believe that coming to know ourselves and understanding why we suffer leads to genuine change, a return to health, and gives birth to a more authentic life. Through counselling, we discover that we heal through relating. This is because the wounds that occurred in relationships must be healed in a relationship, a relationship where the therapist doesn’t talk at us, but with us. For what was unbearable when alone, becomes bearable when shared.

I abide by the ethics and code of practice as set by the UKCP which can be downloaded here.