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Do I need counselling?

For most issues in life talking to family or friends can be enough. However, there are times when those around you just cannot understand what is going on or you may not want them to know what you are going through.  Other times it’s the relationships themselves that may be causing problems. In these instances finding someone who is on the outside can be more helpful. Counsellors are trained to be non-judgemental and refrain from telling you what to do. Instead, a good counsellor will provide a space where you will be accepted for who you are right now. They will empathise with your situation, your feelings, support and empower you to work through any issues or make the changes you need to make.

How can just talking to someone help?

I know that this may seem like a very simplistic solution, but for many people just talking about what has happened to them or what they are experiencing is one of the best things they can do. When we have had a negative experience or find things difficult in life; we often feel shame or guilt and that can cause us to isolate ourselves or not tell others for fear of judgement. Being able to then share your thoughts and feelings with someone you can trust and who will not judge you can be a profound experience and be an incredibly healing experience in itself.

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What are some of the benefits I may experience?

As well as getting to know yourself better and addressing the areas of primary concern, some of the common benefits of counselling are:

  • Increased confidence and decision-making skills
  • Improved physical as well as emotional health and well being
  • Feeling less alone
  • Having more energy and interest in life
  • Feeling more able to cope with the everyday stresses and strains in life
  • Better expression and management of emotions
  • Greater self-acceptance and self-esteem

In Relationships

  • Teach others to respect your boundaries
  • Increase emotional intimacy and sexual satisfaction
  • Share feelings with your partner
  • Engage in more effective communication
  • Conflict and resolution management

Work Life

  • Become a more effective manager
  • Engage your work more completely
  • Guide your own career

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